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Once you go black

Kathy had planned something really special for her boyfriend of 4 years. They were young but they had been together for a long time already and the novelty of the thing had worn off. So Kathy thought about something her boyfriend Chris told her once. He had apparently a thing for Black girls and, before meeting Kathy, he had dated a few. He was completely happy with her, he had reassured her, but he couldn’t deny he still found them charming. Being a gorgeous blonde, blue-eyed girl, Kathy found this a bit disturbing at first but she had to admit, Black girls can be pretty hot too.
So, when Kathy heard about the revolutionary bodysuits produced by SkinTech®, she immediately planned a very special night for their anniversary. Thanks to cutting edge technology, their skin suits gave the illusion of a complete new body to those who used them. Obviously it couldn’t do much to change body shapes, although bigger breasts and curvier bosoms were achievable but it did wonders to change skin color, facial features and hair. They even came with special color contacts to give customers a more natural eye color to match their new skins.
She selected a dark-skinned girl’s body with African facial features and long curly hair. When the parcel finally arrived the day before their anniversary she could barely resist the temptation to open it.

“Oh my God, Chris is going to be so happy with this!” – the told herself heading to the living room.
“Sweetie” – she told him “How about we go out for dinner on our anniversary tomorrow?”
“I’d love that! Last year we didn’t do anything special so I thought you were in the mood for something chill this time around too but I’d love to celebrate it properly!”
“Cool, I’ll meet you downtown after work then!”
Kathy actually took the whole day off to try on the skin suit. She was very excited to try it on so as soon as he left the house to go to work, she got naked and rolled the suit skin on. It was, as requested, a very dark skin, complete with attached real human hair and a pair of color contacts. Dark brown, of course. The fake skin was very thin and felt natural once on. The part of the bodysuit covering her face required some special care to make it fit her mouth and eyes but once on, it felt like real skin. Once fixed her hair and put on the color contacts, Kathy looked at her finished look.

“Hey, who would have guessed it, I make a pretty hot Black girl haha!” – Cathy told herself, filled with joy in anticipation of what her boyfriend was going to say about it.
“It feels unreal to look like this” – she thought, checking herself in the mirror “The details are spot on, the inside of my hands are lighter, my lips look fuller, the hair looks absolutely real, I really am a Black girl right now! I’m not half as hot as I usually am right now but I could live with this for a day or two!”
She got ready and left for the meeting point. It felt exciting to visit her hometown looking as someone else, although the could tell people looked at her differently, especially the old ones. “I guess that’s what Black folks have to go through every day.” – she thought.

By the time they were supposed to meet, but Kathy and her boyfriend were standing there, but obviously he didn’t recognise her.
She smiled and called him. Hearing her voice both at the phone and coming from the Black girl standing next ti him was very confusing for Chris but as soon as she explained him what was going on, he absolutely loved the idea. They went on a dinner that felt like a date and made out on their way back home.
Needless to say, as soon as they got there, they had the best sex of their life, such was the attraction Chris had for Ebony beauties. He loved everything about that body, the hair texture, the skin tone, even her scent was different! Besides, it felt even better knowing it was actually her beloved Kathy in there. She was equally happy to see him fulfilling one of his fantasies without cheating on her and she had to admit, it felt pretty exciting to have sex in a different body.

After long hours of passionate lovemaking, the young couple finally fell asleep.
As the night progressed, Kathy’s bodysuit began feeling itchy, especially on her back, until she woke up early in the morning, feeling that something was off. Chris was still sleeping, his head lying by Cathy’s gorgeous Afro hair.
She smiled when she noticed that. “Such a perv, I bet he really enjoyed playing with my hair too! God, sex was great last night, we might do this again in a few weeks!” – she thought with a smile. “Well, it has been fun while it lasted but this bodysuit is starting to feel a bit uncomfortable now, better taking it off now. Also, I need to go back to my old self. I’m starting to miss my light skin and blue eyes!”
She headed for the bathroom, her Afro hair swinging here and there “Gosh, is that what Black girls always feel when they have long hair? I hate this tickling on my skin, this hair is so kinky! I really miss brushing my smooth blonde hair right now!”

“Wait a moment, why am I feeling this tingling on my shoulders?” – she asked herself – “That’s weird, the bodysuit is thin but not that much…”
She looked at her face in the mirror. Again, the illusion was perfect. She was a convincingly natural Black girl right now. She gave one last look at herself before searching for the seals, by the neck. “Ok, this is getting weird” – she thought after a few seconds – “I’m pretty sure it was here, how is this possible?”
For a split second, a mental movie played in her head. “I’m stuck in this bodysuit, forever. I have to live as a Black woman for the rest of my life.” She felt a chill down her spine, together with an unexpected wave of arousal. The idea terrified her because, well it was fun to be a Black girl for fun for one day but what the heck, she was a Nordic beauty and didn’t have anything to do with those people. The arousal ashamed her a little. Was she into this? What a weird fetish was it, identity loss? Beauty loss? Degradation? She definitely had superiority complexes towards coloured people but did she find them sexier than whites deep down? Did she like to play with the idea of being turned into one of them? She shook these thoughts off her head and headed for the bodysuit box. She put on a sweater and began scrolling through the instructions.

“Ok, here’s a drawing… Ok, the seal is supposed to be on my neck, what the hell?”. Then she noted a few lines in fine print, stating:
[…in some rare cases malfunctions had been observed, including and not limited to: itchiness, bonding to skin and risk of damaging tissues upon removal. Please get in touch with our customer service as soon as a feeling of itchiness arises.]
It continued stating that customers were using the skin suit at their own risk and that safety regulations had to be followed very strictly.
“Ok, this is really freaking me out…” – she thought – “The itchiness is almost gone now, apart from my face and my hands but maybe I should still call customer support. Oh God tell me that this is not real!”
She grabbed her phone and while dealing the number she couldn’t help but notice how alien her dark hands looked like. Could this be her body now?

“Thanks for reaching out to SkinTech customer support service” – a female voice replied her on the phone – “How can we help you?”.
Kathy explained her situation trying to keep calm and providing all the necessary information. “I see” – replied the female voice with a serious tone – “How long has the itching going on?” “A few hours, but it’s mostly gone by now…” – replied a worried Kathy. “A few hours? Why didn’t call us earlier?” “Well, I was still half asleep when it began, I called when I realised I couldn’t find the seams…” “Well, I am sorry to tell you this but this is a sign that the bodysuit has already significantly bonded with your skin. Can you feel though it?” Kathy frantically tested how sensitive her skin was in various parts of the body, finding out that in some areas the bodysuit already felt like touching her own skin. Her face and her hands, however, gave her a rubbery sensation upon touching them. She reported tall of that to the lady at the phone who replied: “Again, I am sorry to inform you about this but it looks like the bodysuit has already bonded to most of your skin. Your hands and face will follow soon and by then removing the skin suit could result in serious injuries.” “But surely there must be a way to fix this!” – replied Kathy, who was really freaking out.

Chris woke up hearing Kathy’s loud voice and checked up on her. The phone call had just finished and Kathy was nervously reading the user manual of the skin suit when he entered the room. He was surprised by seeing her still wearing it that late and suspected that something was wrong with it.
Cathy explained him what had happened since she woke up as she was just beginning to realise what she had done. Chris, who had a Law degree, quickly went through the Terms and Conditions chapter and laconically commented: “Oh my God Cathy, you really screwed up big time!” – before leaving the room.

Kathy began hyperventilating. “This was only supposed to be an adventure, I don’t want to be stuck as my boyfriend’s living sexual fantasy!” – she told herself. She instinctively touched her hair with her hands, feeling the kinky texture of the afro hair that was becoming her own. She realised with horror that pulling her hair gave her a muffled yet detectable feeling of pain. Her hair follicles were rapidly connecting with the skin suit’s hair and it was only a matter of time before she could only grow healthy black, curly Afro hair.
Chris decided to call a doctor friend of him who arrived as quickly as he could only to confirm the obvious: the bodysuit was now permanently attached to Cathy’s body and attempting its removal would result in injuries similar to those of a burn victim. On a more positive side, the new skin had not been rejected by Kathy’s immune system, which meant she could expect to live a regular, healthy life even wearing the skinsuit 24-7 from now on.
To top it off, even her brown colour contacts had merged with her body. No more baby blues, Kathy was now going to watch the world around her through brown doe eyes.

Next came a phase of realisation of what had happened and consequent depression. She was going to be trapped in a Black girl’s body for the foreseeable future. She would have to live life as someone else.
Her life quickly fell apart, her boyfriend, despite feeling partially responsible, left her as he couldn’t overcome the shock of seeing his blonde girlfriend being forever turned in a sexy Black girl, her family rejected her and her friends made fun of her.
Her company simply didn’t believe this Black girl claiming she was actually Kathy and she quickly found herself lonely and jobless.
All she could do was cry with her sexy brown eyes. And feel her kinky curls tickling on her skin whenever she bowed her head to cry, a feeling she would never get used to.

Eventually, she decided to start a new life, burning bridges with her past, in a new city as Kayla, a young Black woman with no past.
She learned the hard way how much harder it was to succeed professionally and relationship-wise as a Black girl despite having the same CV and being the same person as before.
Eventually, she was hired as a waitress in a dirty restaurant in a ghetto area and got used to long commuting trips by bus and to be groped by the customers, mostly old Black men. She grew used to it and began expressing herself in Ebonic as she was told she was sounding too white. Eventually, she was lucky enough to be introduced to a nice guy, the son of one of the customers, a handsome Black guy, whom she started dating.
Soon enough she realised that was the best she could do and settled down with him. Her main worry now was having a sufficiently dark-skinned baby not to raise any suspicion about her true ethnicity. Luckily, her boyfriend was extremely dark-skinned so genetics would play its part and give her a pretty dark-skinned baby. At that point Kayla had completely accepted her new identity and had started to see her past life as a privileged white girl as an illusion.

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Becoming family

Liz was a stunningly beautiful girl, proud and confident. She defied the stereotype of the silly blonde and became a successful athlete and an excellent student. Her dream was to follow her father’s footsteps and to became an FBI agent.
Indeed, her father Greg was more than a simple agent as he was one of the top tier agents involved in the fight against drug trafficking and was close to deal a fatal blow to one of the main drug lords importing drugs to the USA: a ruthless Colombian man named Marco Gutierrez.
At a certain point, Marco felt he had little chances to escape his fate so he put all his energy into a plan to kidnap Liz. He waited until Greg was out on a mission and sent out his best thugs to get her.
He still had no specific plans about what to do with her once he got her but he was running out of time and that seemed to be the perfect occasion.
The girl was at home, following her online classes and was wearing headphones when the thugs broke into her house.

As soon as she realised what was going on, Liz grabbed a baseball bat and tried to show them that she was a brave girl and the worthy daughter of her father. The thugs however were not very impressed and easily overpowered her. They put her to sleep and took her with them heading to Colombia.
Meanwhile, the drug lord had perfected his plan and decided that she should marry his only son, Juan. In that way harming the Gutierrez clan would mean getting Greg’s daughter in serious trouble so the agent would stop any effort to uncover their illegal business and would instead be forced to divert the investigations away from them to save his daughter.
Marco agreed to this plan at one condition: the girl had to drastically change her appearance. He definitely wasn’t into blondes and to be more specific he wanted this girl to look like an exact replica of his ex-girlfriend, Ana. Marco thought it over and conceded that this would make it harder for the police to recognise her so he handed her over to a surgeon, a friend of him, who worked on Liz’s features to make her unrecognisable and to give her the required look.

The surgeon knew how powerful Marco was so he spared no efforts and had Juan’s ex kidnapped so that he could swap their hair, permanently removing Liz’s gorgeous blonde mane and transplanting Ana’s thick black wavy hair in its place. Then he measured Ana’s melanin production and tuned micro melanin stimulators to be surgically inserted in Liz’s body to permanently alter her natural skin tone. Finally he covered Liz’s blue irises with dark pigment and remodelled her facial features after Ana’s, until Liz looked exactly like Juan’s ex.
When Liz woke up after the surgeries she looked like a very different girl. Gone were her nordic features, replaced by tanned skin, black hair and eyes and different facial features. She looked unmistakably latina now. They even gave her a boob job to give her a curvier body shape, matching Ana’s.

Liz was devastated by her identity loss but wanted to put on a brave face and asked him what did they want from her now.
Marco explained the shocked girl that she had no reasons to worry as long as she obeyed them. She would be given a new role in life as the partner of Marco’s only son. “It’s a great honour, young lady, there are plenty of pretty Colombian girls lining in to be my daughter-in law. You can only imagine the prestige and wealth you will acquire. I had to sacrifice many good candidates to chose you, a gringa, but now your father and I will be family and I’m sure he’ll do anything in his power to prevent the FBI to destroy my empire. Obviously I had to adjust you to my son’s aesthetic preferences as you must have noticed. Also, you will receive a proper training to teach you how a young lady should properly behave around men.”
Liz struggled to accept the training given to her as her natural tendency was to be assertive and confident, as she was taught women should be. However, hours of forced demeaning behaviours combined with a mixture of hormones and aphrodisiacs given to her on a regular basis made it difficult to be rebellious. After a few weeks she eventually gave up and began feeling increasingly submissive around men.

Liz was eventually introduced to Juan, Marco’s son and her future partner. As soon as she saw him, her nipples became suddenly hard and she had to admit to herself that he was a total hunk. Even if she hated being so attracted to the son of her father’s worst enemy, she couldn’t resist him and quickly began undressing and caressing him.
Eventually, she managed to resist him and pushed him back after a sudden surge of pride. She was the proud daughter of an American FBI agent after all, not the Latina girlfriend of the son a of a Colombian drug lord!
Starting from that day, they increased the hormones and aphrodisiacs given to her as well as the intensity of the training sessions until she succumbed to them and gave up to the excitement.
The next time she saw Marco she jumped to his arms and began caressing him while moaning for the excitement. They kissed and make love while Marco caught everything on camera to have evidence that they were indeed a couple.

Liz found her new role to be extremely fulfilling and erotic and even got sexually aroused by the idea of having been turned into a dark-haired Latina to please her man. She crashed mentally and wanted to begin Spanish classes soon to play her role even better. She even took the Spanish name Ana after the girl whose appearance she was given. She did everything requested to her to give her father evidence that she was held captive and that he had to divert attention from the Gutierrez clan if he wanted to save her.
While the old Liz would have attempted escaping, Ana accepted her new role and put all her effort into looking good for her man. She spent lots of time getting her nails and hair done, getting tanned and buying luxurious dresses and jewels. Not that she ended up wearing them often as she spent pretty much all of her time with Juan in lingerie or naked. The sex was amazing and she would not give it up for anything on Earth. Greg was forced to save the Gutierrez’s clan and soon his daughter married Juan, taking the name of Ana Gutierrez and living her new life to the fullest!

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Egyptian holiday

Amy was a rich American girl in her early 20s on vacation in Egypt. It was a solo trip planned after breaking up with her boyfriend of 2 years. She needed a change of scenery to forget about her ex and possibly to meet somebody. She was from a very Christian family in rural Texas but became very superficial and arrogant growing up. In her eyes all that mattered was being attractive and confident, and she had the whole package.
She was casually strolling along the beach in a very crowded area wearing a skimpy black bikini to show off her toned body when an old local man who was sipping some tea in the shadow began complained about the lack of decency these foreigners were showing when visiting the country and addressed in his poor English: “You must show less skin! Women modest here!”.
“Get lost, old man!” – replied to him Amy – “I have no time to waste listening to you! You’re just envious women don’t look that good in this shithole country!” – needless to say, she was also quite racist. “I can’t stand these towel heads!” – she thought.
The old man, angry and humiliated, walked away cursing the young woman and headed to the nearest Mosque. There, he asked Allah to teach a lesson to that arrogant infidel woman, who showed no respect to the glorious country and people of Egypt.

The old man’s prayers were not unnoticed by the Almighty.
Amy kept on walking along the beach when she began feeling a little weird. Unnoticed by her, her hair turned brown and her skin tanned slightly. Her eyes also gained some pigment, becoming green. She still looked like a white girl but nobody would have recognised her for who she was. The curse was starting to have effect although she was still oblivious to it.
She thought she was just a little dehydrated so she sipped some water she had with her and laid down on the sand to have some rest. The dizziness waned a bit while a sense of fatigue took over her. She laid down on the sand and dozed off.
Meanwhile, the old man was still praying in the mosque. “In the Name of God, the Infinitely Good, the All-Merciful. Make this infidel woman one of our sister and take the arrogance and sinful nature away from her.”
While laying down, her skin tanned even further, until she was much more than she had ever been. Her hair darkened to a rich jet black color and curled up to become frizzy. Her eyebrows quickly darkened too to match her hair. Her tiny nose grew more pointy, giving her a distinctive Arab look. To complete the transformation, her green eyes became hazel, then brown and finally black and took a vaguely oriental shape, her lips became fuller while still looking natural.

Amy, now looking 100% Arab, woke up feeling much better and decided to walk back to her hotel. Still under the influence of an odd daze, she didn’t notice most of the changes occurred to her, she only realised how tanned she’d become, and thought “Wow, the sun is so strong down here! I’m going to look gorgeous with my new tan!”.
To complete his prayer, the old man added “Open her heart to the Quran and its language! Glorious is my Lord the most great!”. He stood up and left the Mosque, confident that his prayers were not left unanswered.

Indeed, the changes weren’t over yet though as Amy’s brain was beginning to replace her native English with Arabic, until she had the Arabic proficiency of a native speaker and only the basic English knowledge a local girl could have learned at school and from movies.
On her way back to the hotel, a group of young Egyptian men complimented her on her looks with whistles and loud comments.
“How dare they? Wait, were they talking in Arabic to me? How did I understand that?” – she thought, not realising that she was even thinking in Arabic now. As she regained more mental clarity she began noticing how her frizzy hair was tingling her shoulders. Initially she thought the sea humidity had affected her hair but when she grabbed it she was shocked at noticing how completely different it looked compared to her usual hair.
Freaking out, she rushed to her hotel, where the receptionist looked at her, surprised to see an Arab girl dressed like that. She entered her room and rushed to the bathroom to inspect herself.

She stared at herself in utter disbelief. Staring back at her was a complete stranger, a young woman with very distinctive Arab or North African features. Moving her head and body and seeing a brown girl’s reflection in the mirror moving accordingly was a surreal experience. She spent several minutes staring at her reflection without being able to utter a single word. She took her bikini off to inspect her intimate parts, to find that her aureolas had become dark brown and her pubic hair black and curly.
She was not only shocked by her identity having been stolen but also by the fact that she had been turned into one of the Arab women she used to look at with arrogance and prejudice.
“Kayf hadath hadha?” – she asked herself loudly- how did this happen? Hearing the harsh Arabic sounds coming out of her mouth instead of the smooth valley girl English accent she was accustomed to shocked her. She brought her brown hands to her mouth and tried to speak English again. “My English is corr… corrupted?” – she said, mortified at how thick her Arabic accent was. Great, she also sounded like a local now.
She tested her English knowledge and found it to be very limited. For many words she only knew the Arabic version now, to the point that she could only think in Arabic first and the translate in English later.

She slowly dressed up again and sat at the desk, without knowing what to do next. She noticed a copy of the Quran which was always present in hotel rooms in the Islamic country and felt compelled to open it randomly, just to distract herself from her situation. She suddenly realised she could even read the Arabic script now. Her dark eyes got caught by a very specific surah: “Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.” With a gasp she closed the Holy Book and thought “No, that can’t be possible! Dear God help me, I don’t want to become a Muslim!” She tried to recall any Christian prayer from her childhood but as she began to say one of them she realised that even those had been replaced by Surah from the Quran. In fact, everything she knew about Jesus now was from the Quran, where he was describes as Isa. Funny enough, for an all-American party girl like her, she had the knowledge of a practicing Muslim. She felt so violated even in her thoughts she felt like not much of her was left intact by this incredible curse.
She was still struggling to accept what was happening to her but she had to concede that something supernatural was going on. One does not change ethnicity naturally. Maybe Allah was indeed real and she had offended him with her behaviour.

She grabbed her curly hair and tried to think through her situation. She recalled the old man and realised he must have cursed her or something. She thought that maybe leaving the country would make the curse vanish, so she anticipated her return fight to that afternoon, put on some sporty gear and headed to the airport. In order to not get caught by the hotel receptionist, who had already looked suspiciously at her, she left most of her luggage in the hotel room and left with a light backpack.
At the airport, she tried to casually go though security showing her passport but as she now looked completely different from the picture, they rejected her and took away her passport, assuming it had been stolen. In fact, she was lucky they didn’t arrest her. Still, hesitation was very precarious. Stuck there with no documents and little money left, Amy sat in despair, wondering what to do next.
As the clothed had gotten dirty, she changed into the other outfit she had brought with her and took the subway back to the city, where she would figure out what to do.

On her way back from the airport, Amy noticed the old man who had cursed her from the subway window. She got off at the next stop and began searching for him. She finally managed to find him and told him “’ana alfatat fi albikini! aunzur madha hadath lay!” – I am the girl in bikini! Look what has happened to me!
The old man smiled and laconically commented that Allah is the best planner. As he was about to leave her there and walk away, she sat aside all her pride, went down on her knees and begged him to help her as she had lost her passport and was almost out of money. The old man felt sorry for her, told her to show up in the same place the day after at the same time, this time dressed in decent Islamic covering and he would see what he could do to help her out.
Mortified, Amy spent her last money on a coat covering her body shape and a headscarf and headed back to her hotel, where she spent the evening learning how to style it. Never in a million years she thought she would ever have to cover her hair with a headscarf.

Amy had to admit that now she could fit in much better with the local population as nobody would notice one more Arab girl dressed in an Islamic fashion.
The man was waiting for her at the same place as the day before.
She humbly bowed her head and told him, in Arabic: “I’m sorry for what I said. I’ll do as you wish, please help me!”
“I’m happy to see you have truly changed. Moreover, you look much more beautiful now. Now, I understand that you have no money or identity to support yourself here and obviously you can’t leave the country right now, so here’s what I can offer you. My son is struggling to find a woman, marry him, be a good Muslim wife and you we will provide for you. You will have a honest, decent life and won’t need to work.”
The perspective of being stuck in that body and becoming a housewife for life terrified her but she didn’t see any other way out. She learned to adapt to her new life and became a devout Muslim. She would always ask the Almighty to be able to accept her new life.

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Olga was a rich and beautiful Russian girl, daughter of a famous oligarch. She was enjoying a life of luxury attending the most glamorous parties in the world when the international sanctions hit her and her family wealth.
Every asset was frozen and she barely had enough savings to live a dignified life for a few weeks at most.
Not being able to land any job to provide for herself, she panicked. By chance, she heard from a Chinese diplomat that his country was offering assistance to Russian citizens in trouble due to the sanctions. She provided them her credentials and was immediately offered help. She would be flown to China where they would take care of her.
Not having other choices, she signed some forms in Chinese she didn’t bother to translate and she almost immediately boarded to Beijing.

She was then administered a potent sedative on the plane and passed out.
When she regained consciousness her head was covered in bandages. She couldn’t see anything, all she could do was to scream and beg somebody to give her an explanation.
A nurse approached her, told her to lie down and rest. She added that there was nothing to worry about as everything went according to plan.
“What plan?” – Olga asked, freaking out.
The nurse was struggling with her English but referred to a contract she had signed and that she would be given the best chance to settle in the country.
Olga insisted she wanted to speak to the manager of the hospital, so she was granted an appointment with him. She also obtained a permission to remove her bandages, although she was not allowed to see herself in the mirror for some reason.

When she met him she was told she had agreed, among other things, to undergo a series of procedures meant to give her the appearance of a native Cinese girl. Apparently the government was exploiting cases like hers to do something about the gender imbalance that had been afflicting China for some time.
Her facial features were remodelled by fat tissue injections, she got a reverse nose job to flatten it, her natural blonde hair was permanently replaced by transplanting straight black hair in its place and her eyes were turned black by covering the irises with artificial pigments, after having altered their shape. The poor girl fainted when she heard all this but that didn’t stop the surgeons from finishing their job with the remaining procedures.
She had her vocal cords modified in order to gain a very high pitched voice tone Chinese society found attractive in women, without being able to ever lower her pitch to her old one. She would basically always sound like a cute kawaii teenage girl from now on.

As for her language skills, being Chinese one of the most difficult languages to learn, they decided to inject her nanobots replacing her Russian and English knowledge with Chinese. In a matter of a few, shocking minutes she could only speak or think in flawless Mandarin Chinese.
At this point Olga realised her old life was completely over. Even if she managed to escape the country, she would always be seen as a stranger even in her native Russia and she would have absolutely any chance of convincing people about who she really was. She wasn’t even able to pronounce her name anymore!
At this point, when the medical commission following her case realised she had finally accepted her destiny, they decided it was time for her to see her new face.

When she was finally given a small mirror to begin to familiarise with her new appearance her reaction couldn’t have been worse.
She knew exactly what to expect at that point but seeing her new features through her pretty Asian eyes was absolutely overwhelming.
She screamed in her new high-pitched voice and threw away the mirror. How could she, a wealthy Russian young woman, look like every other Asian girl, she screamed out loud.
She had actually been given well-defined features but certain stereotyped were hard to die. Nothing a few months of re-education couldn’t fix, the members of the medical commission thought.

Before anything else, Olga demanded to see the contract she signed. She was told to ask to the surgeon in charge of her surgeries. She found him, quickly told him her demands in fluent Mandarin. He opened her file and showed her the forms she signed what seemed to be a long time before. Now she was actually able to read and understand it, so when she realised what she had really signed, she understood that they didn’t do anything she had not agreed about, even if unknowingly.
The doctor went on to explain Olga her new identity.
“You are Yuja Zheng, 25 years old, Han Chinese. Your facial features have been optimised in order to make you attractive to Chinese young men. Your pheromone level was also altered to drive guys crazy.”

“You don’t have a family obviously, so we prepared a made-up story according to which you grew up in an orphanage. You have a rather low educational level and have a lowly paid job as a secretary in a big company. “
“I can’t believe this” – said Yuja, who couldn’t hide her feelings at the perspective of total identity death and started to weep.
The doctor tried to comfort her but honestly didn’t care too much, she was just a number and anyway she would soon undergo extensive re-education so accepting her new identity would eventually come naturally to her.

Indeed, the chinified girl was subjected to exhausting sessions in specific rehabilitation centres meant to erase most of her previous identity and to force her to surrender to her inevitable fate. Any memory associated to her previous like was associated to painful feelings, while thinking about the implanted notions about her new identity was rewarded with endorphins.
She tried to hold on to her old identity, national pride and knowledge but eventually all she could think of herself is that she used to be a Gweilo from some European country and now was a Chinese girl named Yuja. Any further attempts of accessing her old memories vanished in a flash of pain.
Eventually, she was released from the facility and left free to live her new life.

Yuja began working as a secretary, used her meagre wage to buy herself some new clothes and to dye her hair light brown to pay tribute to her forgotten heritage, and moved on with her life.
When one of her coworker, a mediocre clerk, asked her out, she asked herself “Why not?” – after all, it would have brought some novelty to her life.
The two started dating and she realised she actually liked the guy. They had a lot in common in terms of food, movies and other things, and even though it all came from the conditioning she underwent, it still felt like a genuine connection was developing.
When, a few months later the guy proposed to her despite her lack of family and wealth she struggled to hold her tears back and said yes to him.

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Love is blind

Ann was a contestant of the new season of the dating show “Love is blind”. She would be talking to potential partners through a wall, so that she would not know how the men looked like. Eventually, when a couple of people liked each other enough, they would agree to meeting in person. The new feature of the latter season, introduced by the authors of the show to increase ite popularity and to prevent it from getting repetitive, was that participants now could undergo surgeries to match their potential partners’ preferences. Love isn’t blind after all!
Ann eventually met a guy she had a great chemistry with, Rahul, an Indian-American engineer. The two shared lots of interests, a similar sense of humor and sensitivity but Rahul eventually admitted that his family would struggle to accept a non-Indian girlfriend for him.
Ann was heartbroken as she really felt like he was the one. The producers then contacted her to offer a set of medical procedures aimed at turning her into Rahul’s potential partner. They would darken her skintone, remodel her facial features and even change her voice to make her look and sound like a girl of pure Indian origins.

Ann felt confused and scared at the perspective of permanently changing her ethnicity. As much as she liked Rahul, she would not have gone that far to make it work.
However, when she said she’d grown cold feet and was not going to agree with that, she was shown a clause of the contract she’d signed before joining the show, binding her to accepting to everything the producers would offer her to facilitate romance in the show.
Ann contacted her lawyer who could only confirm what had just been told her.
When she talked to Rahul, he had mixed feelings. On one hand, he felt guilty for indirectly forcing Ann to undergo such an extensive procedure due to his comment. Also, he would be sorry not to be able to see Ann’s original caucasian body and face. On the other hand, he had to admit that the perspective of being able to marry the girl he liked so much was very exciting. Also, he was looking forward to seeing how she would turn out after the surgeries.
Ann was still struggling to accept her fate when she was told that the first set of surgeries was scheduled for the following day.

To make the process less shocking and to give her more time to adjust to her new identity, they began with very fine-tuned surgeries on her vocal cords, tongue and lips. Minor adjustments that were able to force her to always speak with a mild, although clearly detectable, Indian accent.
No matter how hard she tried to speak normally, but the D’s and T’s always came out just like an Indian girl would utter them and her voice tone became song-like even when she wanted to sound flat. Ann couldn’t believe she sneaked like that now.
Still shocked at how she sounded, Ann headed to the room from where she would usually talk to Rahul, from behind a screen. When she started talking, she began immediately warning him “Listen Rahul, I know you are not going to believe this is me but you have to trust me!” “Are you serious? What did they do to you?” “I… Don’t know, I think some sort of surgery. I’m a little scared Rahul… I don’t really sound like myself anymore, I cannot even call my family now, they won’t believe this is me! These people can take away my whole identity if they modify me further!”
“I will always be there for you Ann!”

Indeed, when they proceeded with the next surgeries, they completely twisted her identity: her nose was widened, her lips made fuller, her facial features made more exotic. Moreover, the increased level of melanin was showing throughout her whole body: her once light skin had now a sexy mocha colour, her hazel eyes were turned dark brown, almost black. Even her straight brown hair was replaced by wavy, black hair. As a finishing touch, they gave her some more curves to flaunt.
“Oh my Lord” – she exclaimed – “is that me? I thought I would look like an Indian version of myself but I carry no resemblance with my old self, I look like a completely different person. This is so weird…” – she thought, caressing her black hair with her brown hands. She had always secretly admired the beauty of exotic women and was now finding it surprising exciting to look like them now.
As much as she knew she was going to miss her former self, she thought “Rahul is going to like this. I look pretty hot to be honest.” Ann kept on staring at herself in the mirror for hours before Rahul joined her in the room to finally meet her in person.

“Like what you see, babe?”
“Oh my God, you look incredible! I have no idea how you looked before but you could be a model now!”
“Trust me, I looked pretty hot before too!”
“Of course Ann!”
Ann felt pissed at how light-minded sounded Rahul about all of this – “Do you realise I completely changed my body for you? You better like this! Oh God, this is so kinky! You know, I hated you at first for making me go through this!”
“It is pretty kinky indeed, I didn’t want to sound insensitive but I found the idea of you sacrificing your own race and identity is a big turn on for me!”
“Don’t worry” – she sighed – “I get that. I… I find it pretty hot too. The idea of dating interracially has always stirred me but the fact that I was made one of you… that I look and sound Indian now is wild!”

“Oh, that also gave me bigger boobs, I like that honestly!” – said Ann with a smile – “Some changes have been definitely improvements… I also like this black, curly hair more than my own…”
“So you admit you’re hotter now?”
“I… I guess we Indian women are indeed hotter than boring white women, haha!”
“I like the sound of that!” – Rahul reflected for a moment, then continued “Ann, do we have a future together?”
“Rahul, after all I went through the last think I want is to break up with you. This body was made for you and will remain yours and yours only!”
“One last thing, when you’ll be introduced to my family your name would sound suspicious, would you mind being called Anaya from now on?”
Ann looked at herself in the mirror and replied “I definitely don’t look like an Ann anymore… Anaya, I like the sound of that, it sounds so natural to me now! Yes, I want to be Anaya from now on!”

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If you can’t beat them

Chelsea had been a very competitive girl since her childhood, so it felt only natural when she decided she wanted to be a professional runner. She was very committed to her training sessions, diet and everything but it seemed like she had hit a barrier she couldn’t overcome. She was constantly beaten by Afro-American girls for the top spots in US national competitions, which was crushing her spirits, being a bit of a white suprematist. Such an irony that she chose one of the few professional fields where whites had a serious disadvantage against Blacks. 

One day, after having lost yet another decisive race to make it for the US national team at the next olympics she felt utterly crushed. She was 19 and she already knew she had no hopes of getting where she wanted to get. However, she was approached by a man who told her she had been noticed for her potential by a company who was offering to support her with massive sponsorships if she agreed to partecipate to a new program which would boost athletes’ performances in a perfectly legal way. Chelsea was so desperate to stop feeling like a loser she accepted it.

Chelsea underwent some scans and was given a taylor-suited genetic booster aimed at improving her performances. 

After a few weeks, she noticed her results were getting better, along with some other changes. Her skin was darkening quickly, along with her hair. 

She contacted her medical team about this and was told it was just a minot side effect of the genetic treatment.

A few more weeks later though and the changes began hard not to notice.

Chelsea’s skin tone was dark brown, her hair jet black and wavy, her eyes dark brown and even her facial features were taking an African flavour.

Finally, Chelsea was revealed the full plan: the genetic treatments were aimed at replacing her DNA with that of a Black woman in order to improve her performances. 

Chelsea was shocked but realised it was too late to back off now. She had sighed a contract with a huge release clause fee so there was no way out right now.

At first the shock was such that she found it hard to push herself to train regularly, so she took some time off to recover from the shocking news. Then, when she regained control over herself and decided to put all her effort into her athletic career. 

She was initially struggling to gain muscle mass but then her new genes kicked in the her performances improved again. She had to admit that something had indeed changed for the better. Maybe she had more natural testosterone or the fine structure of her muscle cells was more suited to physical activities but she could feel her whole body was performing better than before now. 

Being from a rural area where people had pretty narrow views on racial issues, she lost many friends due to her decision and burned bridges with her family, who did not accept her radical transformation. At first if felt very hard and Chelsea began to wonder if she had sacrificed too much for success but eventually she made new friends, especially among the African-American community. She also began to feel strongly attracted to Black men, maybe she had a better chemistry with them due to her new genetics, she thought.

After a few months, she had gained significant muscle mass and was ready to compete against the very best in the country.

Her muscle tone had made her figure fuller in an unusually attractive way for a sprinter. She had to concede that not only Black girls performed better but also looked hotter. 

When she made her comeback on the national stage everybody in the community was shocked by the dramatic change in her appearance. However, where was nothing illegal about it according to any anti-doping regulations.

Seeing her competitors on the track was pretty surreal as she used to be the only serious white competitor fighting with African-American athletes for the podium and now she had made the field even more Black dominated. She was ashamed of that and hated having had to join the “melanin team” as they liked to call themselves but her only goal was winning and she was willing to sacrifice everything in order to achieve it. 

She easily made it to the finals and won the sprint race by a good margin, for the first time in her career.  

When she finally found some time for herself she began to process what had happened.

She had finally done it, it had costed her a lot but she managed to win the US championships and to be chosen to be part of the US olympic team, her biggest dream.

To celebrate the occasion, she decided to get her hair styled in dreadlocks, showing how deeply she had embraced her new ethnicity and that she had not only adopted it for convenience.

She was now regularly interviewed and always claimed against her will that she felt proud to be African-American now and would use her newfound visibility to denounce colourist and to fight for minorities’ rights.

It always costed her a lot to lie that way as deep down she was always the all-American, white suprematist girl she used to be and felt deeply humiliated by having had to give up on her fair skin, blue eyes and blonde hair that used to be her pride but now she had a new successful career in front of her and nothing was going to stop her anymore.

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Karen was a young, gorgeous and brilliant lawyer with a dark side. She was pretty racist. Indeed, she came to like her job so much also due to the fact that it involved shutting down businesses in the bad part of town. It wasn’t something she could say loud though, with all the fuss about political correctness these days, it would harm her career. Still, while most of the other firms avoided serving notice to small businesses in the ghetto, she loved doing it! She took great pleasure in notifying that personally to the unlucky business owners. In her mind, it was a step closer to helping the city get rid of the scum living there until the whole place would be cleaned up eventually.
Despite her attempts to keep this side of her secret, she began to earn a bad reputation in that part of town, to the point that as soon as she was seen around, people were already worrying for the worst. One day, some businesses decided to join forces and prepare a counterattack.
One day she entered a beauty parlour, a family business run by the Williams, to serve notice to them. She was immediately taken aback by all the people there, mostly African-American, staring at her. Before she could serve the notice directly, she was told she was the 1’000’000th customer of that renewed beauty parlour and she had won a full beauty treatment.

The place didn’t seem to be in great shape, surrounded as it was by rundown buildings and walls covered in graffiti, pretty dirty inside as well, but Karen thought it would have been wise to avoid direct confrontations with all of those people there, pretend to be a normal customer and serve the papers when it was time to leave, so she could safely reach her car pretty quickly.
Also, it would be quite ironic to get a free service before forcing them to shut down the whole business, she thought.
However, her papers slipped out of her purse and got noticed by the business owners who decided to get their retribution on her.
First of all, they offered to take care of her gorgeous blonde mane, her pride since teenage years. She was a bit skeptical as they weren’t probably used to deal with Caucasian hair but it was supposed to be easier to deal with that kinky Afro hair, right? Her hair was covered in a dark conditioner, rinsed and blown in an old and noisy hairdryer hood. She realised something was wrong as the hairdresser, a tall and full-figured Black woman began to mumble something about that old machinery, and possibly hair dye left in the circuits by previous customers. When she checker herself in the mirror, she realised they had dyed her hair jet black.

“What the fuck have you done to my hair? You had one job, and you messed it up and turned it black?” She was about to let some racial sluts slip in but noticed how the men in the room, a half dozen tall and hunky guys, probably boyfriends of the girls working there who had nothing better to do were getting nervous at this white bitch getting all worked up for a hair dye. “We apologise Miss! We’d like to offer you a full body treatment as a gift to forgive us.” She wasn’t very allured by the idea but she thought that notifying the papers now with so much tension in the air could be dangerous, so she decided to accept the proposal and wait some time.
They gave her a free pass for a tanning bed where she laid down for half an hour, wondering why did Black people need tanning beds. Not that White people should use them, she thought, it just made no sense at all to her to make an effort to darken one’s skin colour.
Meanwhile, the owners of the businesses took all her documents and bankcards from her purse, together with the keys of her car, which was swiftly moved somewhere else not to draw attention. A brand new Mercedes in that part of town wouldn’t go unnoticed after all.
When Karen re-emerged from the tanning booth she looked like a different person compared to a hour before, with her tan skin and black hair but they had still so much stored for her.

She noticed her skin looked unnaturally tan, almost brown but before she could see herself in the mirror, she was taken to an aesthetician who began working on her face. She worked on her eyebrows, making them thinner, applying permanent eyelash extensions, lip plumper and other cosmetics aimed at making her look even more exotic. Finally, she slipped in her eyes black colour contact lenses that could only be removed surgically.
Karen had been brewing some worries for some time now as they didn’t let her see her face yet, they didn’t allow her to grab her purse and phone and everybody seemed to be staring at her, so when was finally allowed to see herself in the mirror, she rushed towards the closest makeup mirror, grabbed it and nearly fainted at the sight of her face. Dark brown irises were staring back at her, surrounded by black, long eyelashes. Her eyebrows, also black, were thin and shaped to her face a trashy look. Her inflated lips, together with her deep tan seemed to suggest a mixed background. “Shit, these fuckers must have never had a White woman as customer. I’ll make them pay for this too when I’ll make them file for bankruptcy” – she thought.

“I’m not sure how to get away with this mess, I’ll have to tell people I went on vacation in the Caribbeans or something”. So she didn’t overreact and asked politely “Ehm, I love my new look. Could you please dye my hair back to blonde though?.”
“Hmm, let’s see, your hair might get a bit dry if we bleach it blonde again. Are you sure you don’t want to remain a brunette?” “I’m not a brunette, just dye my hair back to blonde please!” – replied Karen, frustrated. “As you want”.
The lady worked on her hair with all her tools and shampoos, designed for Afro hair and meant to keep curls nourished and health. This, mixed with the drying effect of the dye turned Karen’s hair into a straw-coloured kinky mess. Together with her darker complexion, it looked completely fake. Karen was starting to freak out touching her hair and feeling such a coarse texture. “I told you, you look better as a brunette girl! Let me work my magic!” – smiled the hairdresser, enjoying her reaction.
Karen was too shocked to react and when she did her hair was already soaked in black dye.

“Hey, stop messing around with my hair!” “Quiet, girl!” – said the strong Black girl, holding Karen tight with her muscular arms. A short time later, after having applied afro hair conditioner and curler she let Karen look at herself once more in the mirror, now sporting black curly hair. She had to admit she indeed looked better this way, although it completed her exotic look and made now look her further down the white-black ethnic spectrum.
She grabbed her hair and stared in disbelieve at the reflection staring back at her. The mocha skinned, brown-eyed, black haired beauty staring back at her had nothing to do with the nordic beauty that entered the ghetto a few hours before. How was she going to explain this to people? God, she looked Black! “Is the lady satisfied?” – asked the hairdresser, mockingly.
Karen grinned as she tried to grasp for her expensive purse but the lady handed her a cheap and flashy pink purse only containing some cigarettes and a few but tickets. No documents, no car keys, no wallet. “I’m a lawyer” – exploded Karen – ”You won’t get away with this!”

Karen rushed out of the beauty parlour, headed to the police station. She soon realised she was too far to walk there so she reluctantly used the bus tickets found in her new purse to get there, attracting the unwelcome attention of the men, mostly Black, sitting in her bus. When she finally arrived, she stormed in the police station, presenting herself as Karen Richardson. She was well known to the people there due to her professional activity so when this brown lady claimed to ber her, she made everybody in the department laugh. The laughters stopped however when she couldn’t produce any document. Karen suddenly realised how compromised her situation was: she had claimed an identity she could not prove nor was there any profile with photos matching her current looks. The policemen simply assumed she was yet another prostitute, probably on drugs and sent her straight to a cell. After an intense night spent with her cellmates, a couple of lesbian black girls who found Karen’s lithe body a welcome distraction from their dull lives, Karen was rescued the morning after by the son of the owner of the beauty parlour, who felt bad for her and paid the caution, claiming she was his girlfriend. Karen’s expensive dress got stolen by her cellmates, who provided her as the only option some very revealing shorts, combined with fishnet stockings and a leather jacket, making her look nothing different from a hooker. Ashamed and confused, she hugged the Black man and cried on his shoulders.

Karen soon realised she had lost everything. A few days later she lost her job as her firm found out she had been in custody, disguised as a black woman. Her white boyfriend dumped her as he was disgusted by her new look. Still crippled by student debt, Karen was forced to accept the only decent job offer she could find and ended up working for a small legal firm aiming at defending the rights of people of colour, eventually saving the beauty parlour owners from bankruptcy. She settled in a small and smelly apartment in the ghetto area she once wanted to clean up. In order to disguise her real identity to avoid further retributions by those she had persecuted in the past, she had to keep up with the Afro hair, brown skin and eye contacts permanently on. She also changed her name into Khloe.
When the young man who rescued her from jail began hitting on her she initially didn’t give him a chance as she hated them all for what they did to her. Then, she realised that now that their business was thriving again, it was probably her only chance to have a decent life, plus she noticed how muscular and attractive he was, and felt oddly turned on by how his dark skin matched so well her new complexion, she decided to go with the flow and began dating him. A few months later, Karen was adjusting her wedding gown considering what a strange turn of events made her, a racist White woman embrace her new life as a Black woman, Khloe Williams, married to her fantastic Black husband.

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Perfect girlfriend

Mark had it all in life: excellent health, a well paid job and a loving girlfriend, Jessi. She was a petite blonde, blue-eyed beauty with a Russian background.

They were deeply in love with each other but she couldn’t fulfil a fantasy Mark had been toying with for a long time: he had a thing for brown girls. The idea of dating a girl outside his race was extremely exciting for him. 

One day he found a body-altering device in a second hand shop and decided to give it a try. He tried on random people on the streets and to his surprise the machine was actually working, so he turned his attention to his girlfriend.

Would he really do this to Jessi? It would mean ruining her life in a way as she would’t be able to prove her identity and would have to live as an illegal immigrant. Not to mention that she was quite proud of her ethnicity and might not be happy to be transformed from a petite blonde to a curvy Latina.

Mark played with the idea for a few weeks, then one day while laying on the bed on a lazy Sunday morning he finally gave in to his fantasies and pulled the trigger.

Jessi was freshening up in front of the mirror in their bedroom when the transformation happened. To her horror her complexion shifted from Nordic to Mediterranean as her pretty blue eyes progressively gained colour across the whole spectrum of irises hues through green to hazel and finally settled for a rich dark brown colour. Her blonde hair went through a similar process as it darkened to a full brown colour until her roots. Her skin took a progressively deeper tan while her facial features lost most of their Caucasian features.
“What the fuck is wrong with my face? Why do I look Mexican?”
The girl’s physique also changed going from a short 160 cm / 5’3’’ to a full 170cm/ 5’7’’, making her on the tall side. Her breasts inflated from the barely noticeable A cup she was used to a pair of firm C cups. Her taller and curved body also responded differently to her and gained new mannerisms. Instead of the overly feminine and sweet girl she used to be, she began behaving in a more impulsive, masculine way, keeping with Latina girl stereotypes.
Unnoticed by her, her pheromones and hormone balance changed too, replacing her mild fresh aroma with an intense, sweet, erotic flavour men were going to sense from then on.

After the transformation was complete, Jesse looked unmistakably latina. “Dios mio! What happened to mi! Shit, why estoy hablando Espanol?”. Without realising it, the language centres in her brain had been rewired to turn Spanish from the second language she studied at school to her native tongue, relegating English to a second language she never fully mastered.
Mark was in heaven seeing his girlfriend turning into his dream girl “That’s so sexy! – he thought – She looks just like I was hoping for! Her accent is also on spot!” However, he pretended to be as shocked as her and asked her “How are you feeling, my love?”
“I’m… eshocked!” – said Jessi, struggling to find words. She kept on stroking her hair looking for traces of her former blonde hair but all she could see was natural, black wavy hair. Meanwhile, lots of thought were chaotically floating in her mind: “My job! I’m going to lose it! Mark! What will he think of this? Oh Dios mio, I look so different, will he still love me like this?” Then new memories began entering her brain, together with an odd peace “What was I thinking, of course he likes me, I’m so grateful to this gringo for taking me as his chica and helping me to settle down in this new country! I’m clearly not a Norteamericana!”

It sounded kinda wrong to her as she still had conflicting memories of being a white girl until very recently but suddenly she felt very aroused by the bare thought of her boyfriend being in the bedroom so she stopped staring at herself and joined Mark in his bed. “I’m sorry mi amor, I don’t know what happened to me, I’m a bit loca sometimes jaja!” And quickly began to undress, showing off her new shapely body.
While she was always a bit frigid as a blondie, the new Jessi was absolutely amazing in bed and didn’t stop when Mark asked her for a blowjob, something the old Jessi would have never considered, despite how much she loved Mark.
Everything about this new body was steaming hot, thought Mark, who was having he best sex of his life. The strong scent of her hair, the exotic colour of her skin pressed against his own, her confidence and new mannerisms… everything about her was so intoxicating!
After having sex, Jessi began smoking a cigarette, something she never did before but that felt natural in that moment, and, still in lingerie, tried to recall her past. Now her new memories had mostly replaced the old ones, yet she clearly recalled stroking her blonde hair and applying makeup around her blue eyes.

Jessi was too afraid of being considered crazy by her boyfriend so she didn’t open up with him about her doubts but asked him if she seemed normal to him. Mark disguised his true feelings and casually mentioned that she could have worked out more to make her body more tonic.
Jessi concluded that being a white girl must have been only a delusion and that she had always been a Latina. As suggested by Mark, she began working out regularly to be sexy for her man, something she never did before.
She began training hard tu make her body even more toned and curvy. She now felt stronger as working out gave her the confidence she needed to match with her new looks and mannerisms. She began embracing her culture more and began speaking Spanish regularly with her new Hispanic friends.
At the same time Mark began complaining about being on a tight budget and Jessi not contributing to it. While the old Jessi had a decent job as a secretary in a law firm, the Latina girl she was now was not hireable due to her illegal status, so the only way she found to earn some honest money with her body was to set up a Onlyfans account and post the sluttiest pictures she could take. Latina hotties were in high demand so she quickly began to earn good money to feed her increasingly lavish lifestyle.

“Hola Mark! Like my new bikini, si?” “Jessi, you’re so hot! I love you so much!” – a few months later the girl had completely succumbed to her new persona. She was a slutty Latina and wasn’t ashamed of it. She loved Mark deeply but she wasn’t afraid to use her sexuality to get what she wanted.
Her slutty persona began to take over as OnlyFan was not enough for her anymore. She began earning extra money as a cam girl and again had no difficulties as a hot Latina.
On his side, Mark was the happiest man alive, he was still together with the girl she loved and she happened to embody the exact kind of exotic beauty he lusted for in women. His family was struggling to understand why would he dump his sweet girlfriend for an immigrant Hispanic girl who barely spoke English but all they cared for was his happiness so they accepted her.
Eventually, Jessi got pregnant and Mark looked forward to growing his children together with his hot Latina girlfriend.

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Elizabeth was a rich, pretty young woman in her early ‘30s. She lived with her husband Harry in a large mansion and didn’t have much to worry about apart from enjoying life. Her husband was the heir to an ancient real estate empire dating back to the ‘800s and was taking care of any financial issues. As their 5th anniversary was approaching, Elizabeth thought of something really special to surprise her husband. She knew how pretty she was but she was also aware that Harry sometimes felt the need to spice up things a little, so they sometimes invited female friends to join them in the bedroom. That way, Elizabeth discovered with some surprise that her man had a thing for Latina girls. He would never marry one due to his social status but he definitely fancied them. So when Elizabeth first heard of the new body swapping devices on the market now, she immediately thought of getting one secretly and installing it in her rooms. She had a fill wing of the mansion where they were living so it would be easy to hide it from her husband.

To make things easier, she thought of somebody close to them to temporarily swap body with, so her choice was Linda, a Hispanic maid they had recently hired. Harry seemed to have preferred her due to her looks, which made Elizabeth feel a little jealous at first but then she told herself it was just a fetish of her husband and he would only love her anyway.

When Linda was told about the plan the idea seemed crazy to her. She was a very smart girl though, so she accepted it without hesitation. She saw this as a possible way out of her situation if she managed to play her cards well. She was very intelligent and had excellent grades in school but she grew in a very disadvantaged environment so she never had a real chance of attending college or finding a good job. On the other hand, she was pretty and well mannered, so being a maid for wealthy families was her only viable option to have a decent salary. She hated dressing up in ridiculous outfits but that was one of the conditions included in her contract so she had little choice.

They arranged the body swap before Harry came back home from work. Everything went smoothly, Elizabeth in her new brown body dressed up in the maid outfit left by Linda and began to notice how different her body felt. “Shit, this is so weird… I really am you now!”. Linda in the meanwhile had changed to a fancy evening dress picked up among Elizabeth’s wide collection. When Elizabeth saw her she was impressed by how confident she looked in her new body, she was so tall and fair compared to the Latina girl. The blonde grabbed a drink and offered it to the maid “This will help you feel more at ease in your new body”. It looked like sherry but it had previously been enriched by a potent aphrodisiac by Linda to make her rival extremely aroused at the sight of any man.

Elizabeth, in Linda’s body immediately felt the effect of the drink. She felt incredibly horny and any plan to tell her husband the whole story before playing the scenario she had in mind disappeared as soon as the handsome man entered the room. 

As soon as she could, she sneaked in his room and began flirting with him. He didn’t suspect a thing and reacted surprised to the sudden change in behaviour of the usually professional cleaning lady. After a while, he began feeling intensely aroused too by the pretty Latina, who seemed to have a strong connection with him tonight. He had thought about her since the day he hired her but he could never cheat on her wife, could he? Linda was being more and more slutty now, until she began to undress in front of him. At that point, he gave up and went with along the flow. 

After a couple of loud and intense orgasms, the blonde woman who looked like his wife stormed into his room and began making a scene. The real Elizabeth was too horny to react sharply and couldn’t stop performing oral sex on Harry. Harry tried to explain it was the maid’s fault but the blonde Lady didn’t want to hear any reason. When the effect of the drug began to wane it was too late for the real Elizabeth as she was locked in Linda’s room in punishment and left alone.

The morning after Elizabeth woke up feeling very groggy and confused. She had only vague memories form the day before so when she noticed her skin was still dark she realised she was still in Linda’s body and recalled everything. She freaked out, realising how her maid had tricked her into drinking the drug and play exactly the part she wanted her to play. 

She demanded talking with Harry but obviously she was’t allowed to. After all, she had just seduced his boss, a married man and the consequences were going to be severe. She tried to reach the room with the body swap device but she didn’t have access to it anymore.

After a long wait, she was finally allowed to talk with Elizabeth, or at least the woman who was impersonating her. She stormed in her luxurious bedroom and demanded explanations, insulting her and attracting the attention of the lady’s personal guards. She realised she had to be careful and more quietly asked the blonde what was going on.

“Well, I guess this is pretty self explanatory. I love everything about your life. These clothes, this mansion, your blue eyes and blonde hair. This is the life I had always desired.”

“But… You can’t do this to me, I’ll tell Harry everything about the body swap and he’ll understand!”

“I already got rid of the device, there is no trace of the swap and I also deleted out accounts on the cloud. It would just sound like a made-up story to justify your behaviour but it’s too late for that. Btw, we are going to divorce. I caught you two having sex on camera yesterday so I’ll have no problem showing a proof of my husband cheating on me. That should be enough to get a good part of his wealth all for me, including this mansion.”

“You can’t do this, you are destroying my life!” – the brown girl bursted into tears.

“It’s my life now! As about you, you’re fired of course. You’ll get no benefits and you’ll have to leave this mansion by noon today. Btw, that’s one of my dresses!”

“Shit, I have got nothing else than a Mexican passport and a few bikinis! Everything else was borrowed from the mansion’s outfits.” 

The Latina girl was escorted out of the mansion by the lady’s bodyguards screaming and trying to bite their string hands with no avail. She was dropped outside of the mansion’s gates only wearing a bikini and a purse with her Mexican passport and a thousand bucks she had saved in the previous months. Luckily it was summer and the sea was not far so when a car passed by, she pretended to be a lost beach girl and got a lift to the closest beach.

There, she considered her options. She has none. Even finding a new job as a maid was not a viable option as she later discovered the fake Elizabeth had spread rumours of her bad conduct so, without a good recommendation letter from her previous boss there was no hopes to land any job. All she had were her looks and she had to admit that the Mexican girl, about 10 years younger than her seal self, was a real beauty. She tried her luck in the modelling industry but she was told she was too dark for that, which made her blood boil, thinking at her real nordic face and complexion.

A few weeks later, her money was running out so she had to sadly settle down to her new life. She was noticed by a local pimp who was looking for new girls for his brothel, the brunette was stunning and seemed desperate for a job so he offered her to settle any debts she had with the motel where she was staying and to hire her on the spot. The rich lady turned jobless Latina was uncertain for a second but realised she would regret it if she said no as she would probably end up selling herself on the streets if she was going to be jobless a little longer.

It wasn’t an easy change but she knew how to make men horny and had the body for it. Latina girls seemed to be in high demand so she was always fully booked. 

One day the real Linda found out about her and visited her at the brothel. Surprised about a female customer, she was getting ready for some girl on girl action when the blonde lady entered her working bedroom, wearing the most expensive fur coat she had ever seen. 

“I’m so glad to see how well you’ve adjusted! I just wanted you to know that I’ve won my lawyers have done an excellent job! I’ve basically got  everything that was once owned by Harry. The poor man is broke and lonely, so if he ends up here looking for some distractions make sure to be paid in advance!”

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Social climber

Ann was a college dropout who worked as a receptionist and made decent money. However, seeing the life of the wealthy customers of her hotel made her envious of them and their life of luxury.

One day, she met Nora, a young Saudi girl who was spending a semester abroad in the States. Her family accompanied her to make sure everything was ok as they are quite apprehensive about their daughter spending time in such a liberal society. Her family was staying in a suite in the hotel, so Nora often picked her family up from there when leaving to the city to show them around.

Ann eventually became friend with Nora, who was eager to meet new people as a newcomer.

Nora was a top-notch student in Economics and had a brilliant future in front of her. However, she was also bored with her life of hard work and would have liked to enjoy life a bit more if possible.

Ann couldn’t make obvious to her how precarious her position was: sure, she also lived in New York but she lived pay check to paycheck and her friends were also in her same situation. Hovever, she showcased her party lifestyle to Nora, who was eager to know more about such a different lifestyle from hers.

On the other hand, Ann couldn’t but notice how the financial means of Nora were apparently endless: she was driven to college by a private personal chauffeur, she could easily afford any dress she saw in the most expensive boutiques in New York and much more.

Despite that, one day Nora opened op with her friend about the fact that she regretted having to follow such strict behavioural rules and not being able to enjoy college life to the fullest.

One day, Ann, who often visited Nora in her apartment, found on Nora’s laptop some information about a body swapping device Nora’s family had recently acquired. As soon as she noticed this, she began to think about it, until one day, when Nora was slightly tipsy, she opened up about her idea: she suggested the two swap bodies for the remainder of the semester and enjoyed living each other’s life.

Nora was initially against this plan as the idea seemed her too crazy but then she was slowly talked into her by Ann and finally agreed. She got the device delivered there by some accomplices back in Saudi Arabia, then the pair proceeded with the swap. 

Nora was instantaneously amazed by the beauty of her new body and got lost contemplating herself in the mirror for some time after the swap. What kind of life could she have, with such a body and no inhibitions whatsoever? No judgemental parents and society to please, no grades, no pressure at all! She was also worried that Ann would totally ruin her academic scores but the had already given her all the assignments requested to complete the semester, so, in addition to her preexisting grades, there should be no problems there.

On the other hand, Ann was also fascinated by her new exotic looks. She had always found dark hair and eyes intriguing, so seeing them on herself made her oddly excited. 

Combining that with the enormous wealth she would have access to made her feel she got the best deal in the swap. Goodbye to cheap purses and dresses! She would never have to commute to her working place by public transportation anymore and new social circles would be accessible to her now!

Moreover, the body swapping device would be accessible to her only from on now, so she would have absolute control on the eventual date of their reversed body swap.

So Ann started to give a new twist to the Arabic girl’s life, spicing it up with more nightlife and dropping some classes, to the utter shock of her friends and classmates. However, given the previous work done by Nora and the essays she had previously prepared for Ann to send in, her grades did not drop for now so her family didn’t suspect a thing about what had really happened.

The parties Ann was now attending belonged to completely different social circles thanks to Nora’s wealth and connections. Combining Nora’s wealth and social circles with Ann’s social skills and party-like attitude always made the new girl the centre of attention in social situations. Moreover, Ann noticed how her exotic features were attracting more attention compared to the ordinary blonde, blue-eyed beauties that usually dominated the party scene.

As Ann in Nora’s body continued to project her persona onto Nora’s life, her party life started to dominate her schedule as she stopped attending classes altogether, to the shock of her old friends, who started commenting on how the Western lifestyle was corrupting her good nature.

Her dresses got more and more revealing and flashy as Ann’s taste and lack of modesty became less and less restrained by any attempts to pass more convincingly as Nora. People around her obviously noticed her quick change in personality but the physical resemblance was perfect so nobody suspected a thing. 

Once, Ann was invited to a gala where all the wealthiest students of her faculty were present. There she learned to appreciate expensive wines compared to the cheap beer she was used to drink just to get wasted with her old friends. Her lack of inhibitions also got lots of attention, especially when she quickly got tipsy due to Nora’s inherited metabolism, which wasn’t used to alcohol at all. This drew to her some welcome attention from the boys, while alienated any sympathy from the classy, well-mannered girls attending the event, not that that bothered Ann in the least.

Meanwhile, Nora was getting used to Nora’d body and readjusting herself to a simpler life made of long and dull working hours as a receptionists where no intellectual work was required, as she just had to put on a pretty smile and be nice to customers. She found It slightly degrading but found it surprisingly exciting to serve the same upper-class people she used to see as her peers and be deferential to them.

Her new job also gave her much more time and energy to go out and party in the evenings, which she never really managed to do before. Socialising was fun, she learned, and much more enjoyable than putting effort into her studies and assignments to be at the top of her class.

She was completely in love with her new hair and facial features as she had always secretly admired Caucasian beauty and loved fitting in so well in the local community.  She also had to spend some time learning which makeup palettes fitted her better now with her lighter skin tone as her old, expensive makeup was unfortunately useless. She resorted to the cheap products she could afford with Ann’s meagre salary and managed nevertheless a flawless look.

Nora also learned to enjoy hew newfound freedom and learned to express her sensuality more freely, without fears of being judged for the way she dressed or behaved. Ann’s friends seemed friendly and absolutely not judgemental, although not highly educated or wealthy. With some hesitation she joined them and embraced the restricted choice of cheap pubs and clubs she could now afford to enter with her friends. Dating guys who worked as gym trainers and truck drivers was something different to what she was used to but also exciting in an intoxicated way. Being treated as a princess for all her life repressed the  submissive side of her personality, so living as a low-class working girl made this, together with some natural lust for life come out all at once and make her enjoy her new lifestyle more than she could admit to herself.

The nightlife however was fantastic as this body seemed to attract lots of attention. Mixed with some of her old charm and good mannerisms she became even more popular than the old Ann. When asked why she got suddenly so polite, well-spoken and charming she smiled and told them it was the result of a behavioural class she was attending to improve her relationship with her wealthy customers.

She quickly learned how to dance and enjoyed going out for drinks regularly, also thanks to her body’s old metabolism, which was already well adjusted to this lifestyle.

After a few months, when the time was up and they were expected to meet again to swap bodies back, Ann didn’t show up as expected but left Nora a hand-written note, which explained her how she had destroyed the body-swapping device and how her plan had been to keep Nora’s body and life all along. However, she felt sorry for Nora and left her a check worth 10k $ to cover her rent and life expenses for a while if she needed a break from her job to recover from the shock. 

Nora collapsed on her bed for the surprise and cried a lot. How could she have been so naive? Her old life was taken away from her for good now, with her heritage and her wealth! Being forced to live as a working class, uneducated Western girl was too much for her pride, despite how much this stirred her up. 

After a while she went straight into the bathtub and took a warm bath, with her clothes still on. She tried to reflect more on her situation now. Ann had to be back to Saudi Arabia now that her visa had expired and she now had enough saved to get there and try to meet her again to hopefully make her change her mind.

However, it took Nora much more than the savings she got from Ann and a few weeks to trace the real Ann as the girl had not returned to Saudi Arabia as expected, but rather withdrawn all the money she was able to get from Nora’s bank account and was now enjoying a lavish lifestyle in Ibiza, Spain, far from her family and in a social environment where having fun was the only activity people had.

It took her several months to trace the American girl in her body and move to Ibiza. By that time she had run up of cash so the only way she could find to quickly raise some money in a foreign country with no higher education was to work as a stripper in a local club, crowded with horny tourists. 

At this point, Nora’s modesty was long gone and she had completely surrendered to the idea of using her body as a mere tool to get what she wanted, included pleasure. Her determination to resume her old, modest life as Nora was also fading, so she sometimes wondered what was she going to do now that she was close to meeting the cause of her troubles again.

One of the clients of the stripper club she was working for knew the fake Nora, so the blonde used all her charm to extract all the information she needed to find her that day.

She left the stripping club right away, still wearing the skimpy outfit that now was her work uniform and found Ann in her old body chilling by the sea, sipping a cocktail. The brunette was wearing extremely short pants, such a shame for her respectable, modest persona! 

“I’ve been tracing you” – she simply said to the real Nora – “I knew you’d come back to me. I see you have also changed, though. You’re an exotic dancer now, right?”. Ashamed, Nora didn’t know what to say. “Your old life doesn’t exist anymore anyhow” – Ann added, lighting up a cigarette – “I withdrew from college and devoted my life to having fun here!”. “My good name, my family, that’s such a shame, even worse than my destiny” – cried Nora in a last flash of her old personality.

“Come on, you’re just like me now, aren’t you?” – she asked to the blonde seductively – “all about feeling pretty and having fun, huh?”.

Nora couldn’t lie to herself anymore and nodded silently. Then Ann smiled and continued “Why don’t you join me in my parties? I can help you out financially and we can have fun together? You know what, you’re really hot in that outfit, how about you break another taboo, and we have some girl-on-girl action?”. As she said that, she got closer to Nora and kissed her on the lips, sealing her fate while making out with the girl who had stolen her life.

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